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Manila Campus General Education Day

By: Read Club

          The second day celebration of the Interface Computer College Manila was the General Education Day, on the 29th of August, which was organized by the college students and hosted by Ms. Cordial, wherein the students participate in different activities. Students from senior high and college department joined and show their talents, mostly in singing and dancing, at the Talentadong Pinoy which was judged by the school staff.

          Then it was followed by the traditional games the college department prepared. The games were participated by the senior high school students. There are the known street games of the Philippines, the tumbang preso, Piko, and Sipa. There is also the Palo Sebo which heightens the excitement of the crowd. Whilst there are activities happening inside the school’s AFR, HE students show their skills and opened a simple bar for students to hang out were they served their own made drinks and snacks. It was a successful event and was full of joy where students really enjoy and even have the opportunity to express their own talents.

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