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Professionals in the Making

Rio Marie R. Orillo G-11 Mandriva

          Students from Interface Computer College Davao recently underwent a Career Guidance Program last January 29, 2020, with a matching theme "Your Vision, Our Mission". The event is set to prepare the students for future endeavors in the professional world.

          The activities of the said event participated by the aspiring professionals. In the morning, a career interest test was conducted by the Guidance Coordinator, Mrs. Daryl Klein C. MPsy. At the same time, the Junior High and Senior High school students embodied their dream jobs by wearing their corresponding uniforms.

          In the afternoon, a career talk session happened. It was voiced by First Speaker Mrs. Mirabel G. Basuel, Lpt, who highlighted key techniques in the work fields, as well as the importance of working hard in finding one's true passion.

          She discussed life skills across the business world that will be of great help for Interfacers. She also provided new strategies for young people to shape their tremendous potential in developing the country both economically and socially.

         Mr. Andrew Angelo Topinio, the second speaker, inspired the students by highlighting three major keys in ensuring happiness in the work field: Happy, Earning, and Living.

         Above all, knowing oneself is the key to all aspects and that being conscious of one's personality will avoid job loss and career confusion.

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