Bachelor of Science in Information System (BSIS), is a four year degree program that deals with the design and implementation of solutions that integrate information technology with business processes. The program teaches students all about hardware and software applications and how they can use them to collect, filter, process, create and distribute data.



           Office Administration curriculum allows the students to explore the concepts and processes leading to top quality office administrator and achievement of personal and organizational success.

          The primary objectives of office administration curriculum are to have sufficient exposure to the realities of the business world, through academic instructions closely coordinated with the business community; to have common foundation of knowledge and understanding concerning modern business through a core program consisting of general education and professional office administration; and to provide proper motivation for professional growth.



         The Associate in Computer Technology program (ACT) provides knowledge and skills in the fundamental of computer programming and basic computation. The program also includes topics related to data structures, network concepts, computer organization, database management system and system analysis and design. It aims to promote analytical, critical thinking, software troubleshooting and programming skills.



      The computer information technology course is designed to combine the benefits of a traditional college education with the benefits of hands-on training in state-of-the-art computer technology. Students become technically competent, but also learn to write well-organized and clear memos and reports. The computer information technology curriculum integrates technical skill with communication skills, superior general education, and breadth of knowledge in the computer information technology field.



      The computer science course is intended for students with a solid background in mathematics and an interest in the theory, practice, art, and science of computer programming. This course provides graduates with an educational foundation for careers in computer software or computer system design, including careers as software engineers, application software designers, system programmers, or system engineers.



                  The Computer Engineering course provides students with knowledge in hardware as well as in software. The students will be familiarized with computer hardware, system development and design, computer-based controllers systems, data communication and network engineering, and artificial intelligence.

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