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Iloilo Campus Sportsfest

          THE Interface Computer College’s Sports Festival officially opened last February 27, 2020 at the Sports Complex, Magsaysay Rd, La Paz, Iloilo City. Its theme was “Legendaries: Thriving to Win Life”. It was a two day event to showcase athletic skills and endurance of our students. Also, this event has tested their sportsmanship and cooperation in working as one.

          The sports program of ICC jump started with the three teams which were Mobile legends-inspired namely: Team Mage, Team, Fighter and Team Marksman. The students grooved to the beat of the music during the Foot parade and Zumba. Also, Ms. Escopel has given her welcome remarks to officially start the program. It was actively assisted by Ms. Abarquez, Mr. Gailo and the student council who were the facilitators of the event.

           "ICC is not only developing one aspect. Our vision is to develop the holistic aspects of the youth which is the mental, social, physical and spiritual aspects," coined by Ms. Navigar, OSA, Incharge

            Ms. Escopel, meanwhile, urged the participants to strive for their future, saying: "The future of you depends on your hands."

          The sports festival featured basketball, volleyball, Laro ng Lahi games and Mobile legend competitions.

          The teams have enjoyed the event and the team MAGE conquered the rest of their teams as they were declared as champion in the said event.

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