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Recollection for Davao Campus Graduating Students

By: Hanezza Beb’s Borres G-12 Arc

          Last February 7, 2020, Interface Computer College had a meaningful recollection intended for graduating students of SY 2019-2020. It took place at the Rivier Retreat House, Catalunan Grande, Davao City. And it was facilitated by Ms. Ann Bayla, a servant missionary for 3 years.

          Graduating students are very grateful to the speakers and their activity because it gave them time to reflect on their personal lives while setting aside their school works. Ms. Bayla helped the students to realize the beautiful things that nurtured the students and the goodness of our Lord.

          Recollection is the time to breathe and to look at the meaningful spiritual substance relevant to each life. It is also the time to give thanks to those people who help you all the way and especially to give thanks to the Lord our God who made everything for us.

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