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Sportsfest 2020

         Last January 21st to 24th of 2020, Interface Computer College Manila together with Interface Computer College Caloocan held its annual Sportsfest at the Rizal Covered Court in Sta. Cruz, Manila. On the 1st day of the Sportsfest, athletes from both campuses participated in the parade of the teams with their own muses as they represent their team color and light the torch as the beginning of the event.

          Throughout the whole four days of thrill and fun both campuses participated in different sports held inside the venue. The last day was for the awarding ceremony, ICC Caloocan campus takes home the three major championships at the three major sports which were basketball, volleyball, and badminton. The event was a success and both the students and faculty staff of both campuses enjoyed the event as they went home with their prize and pride.


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