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Iloilo Campus - Literary Musical Contest

          Literary Musical Contest has been a most anticipated event of the Interfacers. It was added in the school calendar as part of their educational activities for them to practice what they have gained from their academic subjects and enhance or harness further their hidden talents and potentials.

          Everyone enjoyed the festival of talents during the Literary Musical (LITMUS) Contest held at the Sta. Teresita Covered Gym last September 5, 2019 with the theme “ICC: Inspiring through Competence and Camaraderie”. It had four literary contests in the morning namely: Spoken Poetry, Oration, Declamation(Filipino) and Kalook-A-Like while four musical contests in the afternoon like  Vocal Solo Pop, Vocal Duet, Pinoy Hiphop and Song composition.

          The four teams did a close fight in the LITMUS contest but the RED TEAM led by Mr. Regacho and Ms. Abarquez outshined the event. During the literary contest, some of our Interfacers garnered many awards like Kimberly Magay and John Floyd Gallego from the Blue Team as Spoken Poetry Champions, Jaime Escorpion Jr. of the Red Team as Oration Champion, Jhona Mhel Tres Reyes of the Orange Team as Filipino Declamation Champion, and Nestah Mae Delos Reyes of the White Team as the Best Ka-look-A-like. As to the musical contest, Ma. Reiz Ann Villaruel of the Red Team won Champion in the Vocal Solo. The white team, Clarence Lovely Panizales and Karla Rey Francisco was also awarded as the best during the Vocal Duet. The Orange Team dancers were the best performers during the Pinoy Hiphopp and the Red Team was the Champion in the Song Composition.

          It was a blast! Indeed, Interfacers got the wit and talent. Huraaay!!!

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