Acquaintance Party 2013

            One of the school year's most anticipated and most awaited events finally came to a completion, as the annual Acquaintance Party was held at Interface Computer College Caloocan and Manila, dated July 20 and 27, 2013 respectively. The unpredictable weather didn’t stop Interfacers to attend the party, even power glitch at ICC Manila, due to heavy rains, didn’t take away the excitement from Interfacers.
            Acquaintance is a time of the year where students can relax, enjoy each other’s company, dance ‘til you drop, sing and party like there’s no tomorrow. Most of all, it is a time for the students, alumni, faculty and staff to mingle and bond as one.
             In Caloocan, Joyie Calibo opened the night with a doxology, followed by the intermission dance number from the Glee Club Dancers. Ms. Maria Consuelo Sorra, the Head of the IT and General Education Department introduced the members of the faculty and staff of ICC Caloocan by giving away gift items. As a tradition every year, the newly elected officers of different organizations from Supreme Student Council (SSC), Society of Information Technology Students (SOCITS), Collegian Entreprenuer Organization (CEO) , Interface-Society of Tourism Hotel Restaurant Management (I-STOHRM) Services, Math Club, Language Club, and Glee Club went on the stage for the oath-taking ceremony. The Glee Club members also rendered “Sessionistas” performance with their song number.
            A dance contest, that brought cheers from the audience, was held at ICC Caloocan won by the “B.A. Shakers”. Also getting chants and cheers from Interfacers were the beautiful and handsome candidates of Mr. and Ms. Freshmen 2013. The candidates showcased their dancing talent with a production number followed by the ramp modelling, with their casual wear. At the end of the competition, John Derick Santos and Kimberly Anne Rublico was adjudged as the Mr. and Ms. Freshmen 2013 of ICC Caloocan.
The judges were Mr. Adrian Marc Soriano (Office of the Student Affairs, Manila), Mr. Dindo Inso (GenEd Department Head of ICC Caloocan from 2010-2011), Mr. Michael Lee (BSCS graduate, Batch 2003, Technical Support Supervisor at Bayantel Corp.), Mr. Joel Abamo (BSIT, Batch 2011, Executive Secretary at a private law firm) and Engr. Levvy Traqueña (Head of the Academic Affairs). Dave Cabral (SOCITS President) and Janine Carol Zamudio (CEO President) hosted the party while Aristocrat Restaurant was the official food partner at ICC Caloocan. Event organizers were Mr. Allan Joseph Bacus, Ms. Mary Abigail Luarez, GenEd Faculties, and Rogie Panogan, a BSBA student.
            In Manila, Engr. Jaime Espadilla, the school President, gave a beautiful and meaningful opening remarks, followed by the presentation of the Faculty and Staff, led by Engr. Traqueña.
             The acquaintance night at ICC Manila was filled with delightness when eight participants battled out for the “ICC Got Talent” competition. Interfacers were treated with different rock band performances, dance moves, while some participants wowed the audience through their solo singing performances. It was evident, that Interfacers are really talented. Winners were Janice Tañada, Champion; “The Mash-Ap Trio” and “Barney and Friends” came tied at 2nd place while the “MESAFA-1 Band” bagged the 3rd place prize. The judges at ICC Manila were Engr. Espadilla, Engr. Traqueña and Ms. Sorra while the hosts were Mr. Ramon Hagosojos, GenEd Faculty and Aidine Rompe, a senior BSBA student.
            The new set of officers of the different school organizations also took their oath. The school organizations at ICC Manila are: Association of Computer Engineering and Electronic Technician Students (ACEETS), Association of Information and Communication Technology (AICT), Young Managers and Secretarial Club (YMSC), I-STOHRM Services, English Club, Math Club, Samahang Filipino, and NSTP Club.
            Gift certificates from Max’s Restaurant, the official food partner, were also given away to lucky winners. Adding colors to the night were the song number performances from Justine Aedrian Angeles and Jerryline Dela Cruz, together with Ms. Vaneza Dumaya, one of the new faculty members. Mr. Ryan Manansala, also a new faculty, rocked the night with his numerous song numbers.
             As a finale, Interfacers from Caloocan and Manila grooved to the dance floor as everyone enjoyed the night’s disco fever.
             Kudos to the men and women behind the success of these acquaintance parties. Rain or shine, let’s get acquainted again come July 2014!


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