ICC Olympics 2010

            While the whole country solemnly prepares for the first anniversary of a tragedy that killed hundreds of lives and destroyed billions of properties, Interface Computer College is likewise busy in its preparations for the upcoming sportsfest.

            Incidentally, last year’s sportsfest was marred by the onslaught of Ondoy. It was nevertheless memorable not just for all the blunders and funny antics of the participants, on the charged up and heated encounters of the vexed players; but above all, because of the unlikely experience of wading through waist deep of flood water during the second day of the event.

            But that’s a thing of the past. Ondoy or no Ondoy the sportsfest pushes through. Besides, it’s an annual sporting event in the school’s calendar held every after the midterm examination which falls on the third week of September.

            And there everyone goes. Players wear their uniform, participants in the different numbers during the opening done their costumes, colors and buntings hang all around Patricia Complex, the venue of the annual school event. Everybody is excited. All are in a frenzy. With all the preparations made, it looks like the 2010 Sportsfest is going to be just as strong and memorable as Ondoy. Ooops…not again.

           The opening day lines up to the expectation of everyone. There’s the traditional parade of colors where players in different games and sports are welcomed. The street dance and cheerleading presentations of both ICC Caloocan and ICC Recto are just as exciting as the intermission number given by the JizzKids dance group of ICC Recto. But the most impressive of all is the improvement of the torch. This year’s torch far outweighs all the torches of the past sportsfest. No wonder, the 2010 sportsfest outclasses the rest.

            The final day is just as exciting as the opening. Championship games of both volleyball men and women and basketball are held during the final day of the sportsfest. The winners in the different sports and contests are awarded. Surprisingly, a new and yet the most exciting part of the closing day is the dance sport competition participated by an all ICC Caloocan pairs. The almost gloomy day and atmosphere because the affair is about to end is again lightened up by the dance prowess of the four pairs from ICC Caloocan. Finally, the winners are announced and awarded during the awarding ceremony.

List of Winners:

Dance Sports (Salsa)                        Champion                                    Pair #4 – Mercado and Galang pair
                                                           2nd Place                                     Pair #3 – Rozal and Abamo pair
                                                           3rd Place                                     Pair #1 – Bacierra and Telmosa pair
                                                           4th Place                                     Pair #2 – Reyes and Torres pair

Dance Sports (Rumba)                    Champion                                     Pair #3 – Rozal and Abamo pair
                                                          2nd Place                                      Pair #4 – Mercado and Galang pair
                                                          3rd Place                                      Pair #1 – Bacierra and Telmosa
                                                          4th Place                                      Pair #2 – Reyes and Torres pair

Basketball                                         Champion                                    Shockwave
                                                           2nd Place                                     Brontox
                                                           3rd Place                                     Asus
                                                           MVP                                            Mr. Inofinada
                                                           Best in Uniform                          Colossus Team

Volleyball (Men)                               Champion                                   Flash MX
                                                           2nd Place                                    Love Bug
                                                           3rd Place                                     Hackintosh
                                                           MVP                                            Marino, Roberto

Volleyball (Women)                          Champion                                  Kingston
                                                           2nd Place                                    Love Bug
                                                           3rd Place                                     Brontox
                                                           MVP                                            Manalang, Kaye
                                                           Best in Uniform                          Kingston (Women)

Table Tennis – Men                           Champion                                  Jerald Valenzuela
                                                           2nd Place                                    Raymond Maximo
                                                           3rd Place                                     Winro Armirola

Table Tennis – Women                      Champion                                   Sarah Magat
                                                           2nd Place                                     Jixel Jurisprudencia
                                                           3rd Place                                      Crystal Ann Rejas

Chess (Men & Women)                     Champion                                     Arcenio Cera
                                                           2nd Place                                       Joemel Garcia
                                                           3rd Place                                       Robert Samson

Dart (men)                                          Champion                                   Robin Dela Cruz
                                                           2nd Place                                     Jan Louie Cabrera
                                                           3rd Place                                      Stevenson Camma

Team Games                                      Champion                                     Black Team
                                                            2nd Place                                      Light Green Team
                                                            3rd Place                                      Red Team
                                                            4th Place                                      Maroon Team

Best Muse                                           Ms. Lea Brucelo (Protocol-Volleyball Team)   

            The school once again proves that physical well-being is just as important as mental well-being. The latter gives the man an opportunity to device strategies while the former enables the latter to function properly. Thus, the annual sportsfest in the ICC calendar is one thing that will remain even in the midst of tragic events like Ondoy. Kudos to all and long live ICC.

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