Mr. and Ms. Interface 2010 Update

          “Empowering the students for becoming future achievers..”, a theme to remember from the previous event held at Interface Computer College presenting the talents of each student who participated well during the search for Mr. & Ms. Interface 2010.

             The coronation night starts with full and long presentations of talents coming from different groups from ICC-Manila and Caloocan who participated in the most awaited prestigious evening of beauty and brain. 

            The event is one of the highlights of student’s yearly activities not only for the battle of wit and beauty, but as a venue for contestants to fulfil the college mission of “professionalism, discipline, integrity and competitiveness and responsive to the needs of the total person and the world”.

            The coronation night for Mr. & Ms. Interface 2010 was successfully done last February 13, 2010 with a lot of surprises. Judges from different prestigious companies support and give their time and effort to choose the most gorgeous male and female “interfacers” to carry the banner of the school and will serve as the ambassador and ambassadress of goodwill.


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