ICC-Caloocan Acquaintance Party

             July 28, 2007 was a date to remember for ICC students especially for the freshmen. Despite of bad weather, students rocked the DL Ground. At exactly 7:00 pm, the party started with a short program and as a part of the tribute for the freshmen, Mr. & Ms. Freshmen 2007 was conducted. A lot of beautiful and handsome faces of freshmen students gave their best shot to have the title of the year. They were all winners, and they were all deserving to have the title, but of course in every competition there is always someone who shines above the rest. Ms. Cherry Rose Macabalitao (OA11A1) was the Ms. Freshmen 2007 and Marc Jenil Pineda (GE11P1) as the Mr. Freshmen.

           It was a relaxing night for all the students, no exams, no quizzes, no recitations, no pressures, just party, party, party, dance, dance, dance to the max! Another highlight in the party was the production number of teachers from ICC Caloocan wherein the DL Ground even rocked more with their energetic performance.

             The party was a success; a lot of students participated and enjoyed the night. It had been a great moment for the students to enjoy and relax after all the pressures and I bet one would regret it if you were not present in the party… So, next time, be prepared, get ready for the next rocking party at ICC ‘coz you’ll surely have fun and a lot of enjoyment.

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