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Davao Campus Outcome-Based Education (OBE): A means to an end, Future Ready!

Pinky A. Jugalbot, LPT (English Instructor)

          In line with the institution’s vision, to build a promising future for its graduates through technological awareness and reshaping of intellectual capacity, Interface Computer College, Inc. conducted an Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Syllabus Workshop on the 31st of August 2019 for the faculty at the ICC Laboratory. The seminar-workshop was facilitated by two great experts from the University of Mindanao who imparted helpful knowledge in the development and for the improvement of our institution’s syllabus in every program offered. The seminar-workshop aimed to provide the participants' insights on OBE and draft syllabi based on OBE.

          Outcome-Based Education (OBE) is an educational theory that bases each part of an educational system around goals or “outcomes”. By the educational experience, each student should have achieved the goal.

          The faculty members listened intently to the inputs of invited resource persons, Prof. Fe B. Yara and Prof. Marife Ganas from the College of Computing Education of The University of Mindanao. Prioritizing our students’ future, Interface Computer College ensures that the programs that were taken by the students would help them land a job when they leave school. It paves the way for our faculty to make sure that the activities and instruction delivered inside the classroom are up-to-date and aligned to the needs in the industry.

          The one-day seminar concluded with the closing prayer by Mr. Marvin Tejol, the School Administrator of Interface Computer College of Davao.

          Understand the big picture that the ICC aimed: to produce graduates who are industry-ready and to meet the global level of quality assurance.

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