BS in Office Administration



           Office Administration curriculum allows the students to explore the concepts and processes leading to top quality office administrator and achievement of personal and organizational success.

          The primary objectives of office administration curriculum are to have sufficient exposure to the realities of the business world, through academic instructions closely coordinated with the business community; to have common foundation of knowledge and understanding concerning modern business through a core program consisting of general education and professional office administration; and to provide proper motivation for professional growth.

          Bachelor of Science in Office Administration (BSOA) is a four year degree program designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in business management and office processes needed in different workplaces such as general business offices, legal or medical offices.

           The BSOA program prepares students to be able to carry out clerical, administrative, supervisory and managerial tasks. In addition, the program also trains students to develop their skills in keyboarding, filling, shorthand and stenography.

Subjects and Curriculum

          The BSOA curriculum contains both General Education subjects (English, Math, Filipino, Social Sciences and Humanities) and Professional Subjects.
The Professional Subjects of the BSOA program are further divided into two categories:

          Elective courses are also integrated in the BSOA curriculum. Depending on the student’s chosen field of specialization, he/she chooses the appropriate elective subjects. The following are examples of elective subjects:

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There are three main specializations in the BSOA program:

 Career opportunities for BSOA graduates