BS in Computer Science



      The computer science course is intended for students with a solid background in mathematics and an interest in the theory, practice, art, and science of computer programming. This course provides graduates with an educational foundation for careers in computer software or computer system design, including careers as software engineers, application software designers, system programmers, or system engineers.

           The BS in Computer Science course prepares you for proficiency in designing, writing and developing computer programs and computer networks. The field incorporates the study of computer algorithms and their implementation through computer software and hardware. You will study the intricacies of software applications, data processing, web development, programming and computer architecture. You will also attain skills in building computer networks.

          Classroom lectures will equip you with the theoretical framework of computer science, but the key learning experiences will take place in computer laboratories where you will experiment with software applications, programming tools and actual computer design using hardware.

What skills are required to succeed in this course?

Specializations of BS in Computer Science

Career opportunities for BS in Computer Science graduates

 Entry Level jobs:  Jobs designated for recent/fresh graduates of BS in Computer Science:

 Advanced Positions: You need a few years of professional experience to apply.