Mr. and Ms. Interface 2014

           Being the Mr. and Ms. Interface is no-joke. You have to possess beauty, not just in looks, but also in manners and discipline. Intelligence is another personal quality, which complements the inner beauty and good physical looks.
         Ten pairs of gorgeous, handsome, and witty students from Manila and Caloocan were chosen as the candidates for the Search for Mr. and Ms. Interface 2014. But, only a gentleman and a lady were crowned as the Mr. and Ms. Interface 2014 held March 1, 2014 at Interface Computer College Caloocan.
          Male candidates from ICC Manila were Nemiel Renz Tayag, John Paul Ramos, Alphie Peñaflor, Francis Ray Telesforo and Nero Maglaya. Caloocan representatives were Ryan Nuval, Niño Erwin Martinez, Kim Hidalgo, Randy Nene, and Robin Sevilla.
         Alyssa Morales, Nadzla Balimbingan, Darlita Aspe, Marjorin Hofileña and Aurel Nieva were the female candidates from Manila while Caloocan candidates were Diana Rose Tumesa, Marie Cristelle Gacot, Lakshmi Devi Flores, Jessi Ravis and Janyn Rivera.
         Pre-pageant activities were conducted in coordination with the official sponsors. Candidates had their tour in the Urban Smiles Dental Clinic at Vertex One Building, SM San Lazaro. Official photo-shoot was sponsored by Picture City while Kenny Rogers’ Restaurant - SM San Lazaro also had their share of support for the pre-pageant activities.
          The alluring looks of the candidates were witnessed in their different ramp presentations. The candidates were seen and cheered as they showcased their good looks and poise wearing Casual, Uniform, Sports and Formal Wear.
          The talents of candidates fascinated the Interfacers, with Kim Hidalgo and Nadzla Balimbingan as the Best in Talent winners. Minor awards were given to Ryan Nuval (Mr. Photogenic); Kim Hidalgo (Mr. Urban Smiles) and Alyssa Morales (Ms. Photogenic and Ms. Urban Smiles). Francis Ray Telesforo and Diana Rose Tumesa, on the other hand, were the Mr. and Ms. Congeniality.
          Alyssa Morales also took home the Best in Casual Wear, Best in Uniform Wear, Best in Sports Wear and the Best in Formal Wear prizes. For the male candidates, Kim Hidalgo won the Best in Casual Wear and Best in Formal Wear while Robin Sevilla was the Best in Uniform Wear and Nemiel Renz Tayag was awarded as the Best in Sports Wear.
          The top five male finalists were Kim Hidalgo, John Paul Ramos, Ryan Nuval, Niño Erwin Martinez and Nemiel Renz Tayag. Diana Rose Tumesa, Marie Cristelle Gacot, Lakshmi Devi Flores, Nadzla Balimbingan and Alyssa Morales composed the top five female finalists.
          Aside from the showcase of beauty and good looks, the top five finalists went thro ugh the Question and Answer portion, which tested their grace under pressure and intelligence.
          As the pageant night ended, Kim Hidalgo, Niño Erwin Martinez, Lakshmi Devi Flores and Marie Cristelle Gacot received consolation prizes. John Paul Ramos and Nadzla Balimbingan were the Mr. and Ms. Interface 2nd Runner-Up winners while Ryan Nuval and Alyssa Morales were the Mr. and Ms. Interface 1st Runner-Up.
          With their over-all stage presence, beauty, charm, wits and glamour, Nemiel Renz Tayag and Diana Rose Tumesa captivated the Board of Judges and were crowned as the Mr. and Ms. Interface 2014. As the winners, they should always set examples of proper discipline and be good role models to the entire Interface Computer College Community.
          The event was successful because of the collaborated efforts, dedication and contributions from Mr. Allan Joseph Bacus and Ms. Hermenegilda Amarila, the event organizers; Rogie Panogan, the official choreographer, Office of the Student Affairs, Collegiate Entreprenuers Organization, Young Managers and Secretarial Club, Association of Information and Communication Technology, Faculty and Staff and students.
          Behind the organizing team are the ICC Management, major sponsors and alumni who helped and supported the event. Special thanks to Picture City, Kenny Rogers’ – SM San Lazaro, Bartista Choi, Humming Plus The Skin Breathe and Urban Smiles Modern Dentistry.
By Adrian Marc M. Soriano
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