Mr and Ms. Interface 2010

            One of the highlights of student’s yearly activities is the Search for Mr. & Miss Interface with a theme: “Empowering the Students for becoming Future Achievers.”

            This year, there are 12 pairs of contestants from ICC-Manila and Caloocan branch.

             Aside from the different pre-pageant activities that keep the candidates busy, the pageant committee both from ICC-Mla and Caloocan branch, for the past few years, has been conducting the pageant not only as a battle of wit and beauty, but as a venue for contestants to fulfil the college mission of “professionalism, discipline, integrity and competitiveness and responsive to the needs of the total person and the world”.

            For the past years, the Mr. and Miss Interface committee has included an Outreach Day as part of the activities of the pageant candidates. This year, the winners will support the activities of the school regarding the improvement of the school systems and marketing management.

           Most gorgeous student will be chosen to carry the banner of Interface Computer College for any activities inside and outside the school involving beauty and brain.

           On February 13, 2010, Saturday, the candidates will have their final test during the Pageant Night, 4:00PM at the Theatre Park, Victory Central Mall, Monumento, Caloocan City. . On that night, a new pair will be known, as they will start to serve as the university’s ambassador and ambassadress of goodwill.

           Come, watch, and enjoy the pageant night–the Search for Mr. and Miss Interface 2010–a pageant with a heart.

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