IT Week 2008

            In response to the untiring commitments to the society, Interface Computer College provides an activity to support the students’ awareness in today’s IT and Business domination to the world. IT Department conducted IT week celebration last February 11, 2008 to February 14, 2008 showcasing different IT technologies developed and enhanced by students.

                  IT/CT/ENGINEERING WEEK Celebration is an annual event held at INTERFACE COMPUTER COLLEGE, Manila to generally provide an annual showcase of talents, knowledge and skills provided by students from IT, CT and Engineering fields. This year’s celebration aims to uplift students’ knowledge and skills preparing for competitiveness and making them a better professional someday. Showcasing the different activities will help them to be aware from the current technology in the real sense and preparing them facing the real world.


Our Objectives:

  • To uplift students awareness from different technologies evolving in the business world.
  • Encourage the students to pursue and fulfilling their fields of specialization and preparing them facing the real activities in the real world.
  • Showcasing of talents, skills and attitude of students from different activities showing their competitiveness form the battle in life.
  • Presenting different projects/ works of students showing their preparedness in facing the real work from the real world.



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