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Helping Through Donating (Davao Campus Bloodletting Activity)

Angelo Rhiean Rible G-11 Mandriva

          Last September 30, 2019, the ICC-Davao conducted a bloodletting activity in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross Davao City Chapter.

          16 accumulated blood donors were the teachers and students of ICC-Davao. The donated blood will go into good hands and help someone in a great scarcity of blood supply.

          Naturally, donating blood is indeed an act of kindness as it is extremely helpful to the future recipient. However, most people don’t know what we can benefit once we donate blood.

         According to research, donating blood promotes a healthy liver and a better mental state. It can also reduce the risk of heart disease and even cancer. This all relates to the amount of iron in a person’s body and the effects of lowering the iron level through blood donation.

         According to one of the donors, Ms. Lynneth G. Luy “Donating blood is also helping the lives of others that are at stake, for a little help we can be a lifesaver.”

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