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Transforms One's Mindset and Change One's Life

Angelo Rhiean Rible G-11 Mandriva

          Interface Computer College of Davao was transformed by a symposium for HIV-Aids awareness last September 30, 2019. The activity was conducted by the representative of the Philippine Red Cross Davao City Chapter Mr. Rizh L. Abellano.

          The symposium was attended by the entire INTERFACErs including the faculty and staff. The objective is to educate the youth and hear out their concerns on age-appropriate issues-particularly adolescent reproductive health and also ensure the wellness of every person throughout the provision of basic medical care for better productivity.

          The symposium empowered everybody and gave proper and accurate information on HIV-AIDS and how to avoid acquiring the virus. The activity concludes with a great challenge to complete which is to be mindful and be aware of HIV-Aids.

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