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Iloilo Campus 3rd Fire Drill for S.Y 2019-2020

          Interface Computer College (Iloilo branch) together with The Iloilo Bureau of Fire conducted the fire drill to promote the safety and security of faculty, staff, and students last October 9, 2019.

          It was the third session of this institution and students together with the teachers and staff were more equipped and prepared. They have also given new insights and tips as to how do they survive the fire even when they would panicked during the fire scenario.

          The ICC Fire Brigade Organization was headed by the Fire Chief, Mr. Oliver V. Regacho. The Assistant Fire Chief is Ms. Rosela A. Rojo. The following are the teams and team leaders under the Fire Chief: Communication and Media Relations – Ms. Gino Dating; Evacuation – Ms. Recy Beth Escopel; Medical/First Aid – Ms. Joselle Marquez and Ms. Jo Ann Mae Navigar;  Search and Rescue – Mr. Bryan Maloto ; Security and Traffic – Ms. Donna May Rivera; Fire Fighting Team – Mr. Rolando Naelga III. On the other hand, this drill was also evaluated by FP03 Borromeo and company.


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