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Iloilo Campus Fire Drill

          The Iloilo Bureau of Fire conducted the fire drill to promote the safety and security of faculty, staff, and students of Interface Computer College (Iloilo branch) last August 22, 2019.

          During the simulation, students and faculty were observed and rated on how they would reacted to a fire emergency. The BFP also held a briefing involving the security and safety personnel of ICC. They reminded the ICC personnel to always update their knowledge and skills on the basic responses during fire and rescue operations in order ensure the safety of people in the buildings.

          The ICC Fire Brigade Organization was headed by the Fire Chief, Ms. Rosela A. Rojo. The Assistant Fire Chief is Mr. Oliver V. Regacho. The following are the teams and team leaders under the Fire Chief: Communication and Media Relations – Ms. Lea M. Tamallana; Evacuation – Ms. Recy Beth Escopel; Medical/First Aid – Ms. Joselle Marquez and Ms. Jo Ann Mae Navigar; Search and Rescue – Ms. Mary Faith Igtanloc ; Security and Traffic – Ms. Donna May Rivera; Fire Fighting Team – Mr. Rolando Naelga III.

          Objectives of the fire drill included: to give the faculty, staff, and students an opportunity to practice emergency procedures in a simulated but safe environment; to determine whether the ICC community can understand and can carry out emergency duties; to evaluate the effectiveness of the evacuation procedures; and to comply with the requirements of the Bureau of Fire Protection.