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College Orientation for Freshmen and Transferee Students (Manila Campus)

By: Ms. Angel Sonza, RPm


            Interface Computer College - Manila Campus conducted a half day seminar lead by The Office of Student Affairs and Guidance and Counselling Office for freshmen and transferee college students last July 3, 2019, Wednesday at the School Library.

           The opening prayer marked as the start of the seminar. An opening remark was led by Mr. Adrian Marc Soriano Head of the Student Affairs as he welcomes the official College students of ICC.  He expressed assurance that as their chosen institution, ICC guaranteed not only a transformative and holistic education but an enjoyable stay for all college students. He proceeded to talk about the general student guidelines regarding proper uniform, student’s schedules and future activities, and finally the detailed explanation regarding school’s policies and procedures, minor and major offenses and its sanctions.

           It was followed by Ms. Rachel Lorenzo, RN the attending school Nurse as she explained about the Clinic’s rules and regulations, clinic forms and basic sanitary etiquette while Ms. Febrelyn Macay, RL the school Librarian discussed the Library schedule, and policies and procedures. Mr. Jerone Hachac, one of the Technical Officers was able to share basic insights in using the computer laboratory properly and the procedures in requesting devices such as projectors, speakers etc. while Mr. Jan Dela Cruz the school’s Property Custodian discussed the procedures in borrowing kitchen tools for the TVL students. Ms. Ma. Angel Sonza, Rpm was able to explain the basic goals and services of the GCO such as the annual psychological exam and free medical and dental check up, and other activities and seminars in the future.

            After the seminar, a short open forum transpired to answer the questions and concerns of all students.

            Through these detailed seminars, the students were able to gain knowledge and recognize the culture of ICC and grasp the core values (i.e., Integrity, Discipline, and Excellence) of the institution.